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Explore world of digital tattoos with Inkero

Unique hub with digital tattoos for all Web3 apps.

We provide artists digital gallery to trade their pieces of art like they would like to do it.

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Tattooer of Your Apps

Inkero provides smooth integration with all Web3 apps and ecommerces.

Tattoos NFTs

Digital Tattoo Parlor - we are first digital parlor for any Web3 apps.

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Tattoos in Your Metaverse or for Your Avatars

Provide unique personalization element for your users by simple integration.

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Tattoos in Your Game

Personalization is king - add tattoos to your heroes in the game and build new awards.

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Inkero Ecosystem

We live in the tattoo industry for years and goal for the Inkero is to be main provider of digital assets from this category to all apps by using robust, efficient software solutions.

Web3 Bridge
Integration with Web3 apps like metaverses
Efficient off-chain and on-chain processing
Built-in Wallets
Digital Assets
Unique tattoo patterns
Digital Tattoo Art
Digital Vouchers
NFTs Trading
Connect tattoos across your different apps
Build virtual galleries

Inkero Studio